IBC™ OneClick Cleaners

For Fiber Optic Connector End Faces

Category: Cleaning & Polishing Tools
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ODM IBC™ OneClick Cleaners


Cleaning fiber is as easy a push and a click! The ODM® family of One-Click Cleaners provide fiber technicians with the ability to quickly and efficiently clean fiber optic connector end faces. Utilizing a novel dry-cleaning strand, they gently sweep and lift away dust and other contaminants from the fiber end face without causing any damage to the connector. The cleaners function on a wide range of fiber types including LC, SC, FC, ST, ODC, MPO/MTP, E2000, and more. They are also compatible with both male fiber connectors, as well as fiber already installed into bulkheads.

  • Simple pushing motion to engage tool
  • Audible CLICK to alert the operator when tool is fully engaged
  • Over 525+ engagements per unit
  • Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents to be effective
  • Crush-resistant to over 250N
  • Impact-resistant to survive drops over 1.5 meters


Efficient at Cleaning

  • Arizona Road Dust (ISO 12103-1)
  • Skin Oil Residue
  • Saltwater Residue
  • Alcohol Residue
  • Vegetable Residue
  • Hand Lotion
  • Distilled Water Residue
  • Graphite
  • T-Shirt Lint


  • Telecom Central Offices
  • Data Centers
  • Cable Television Head End
  • Outside Plant and Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
  • Fiber to the Antenna for WiMax and Cellular Networks
  • Fiber Optic Broadcasting including HDTV
  • Fiber Optic Military and Civilian Aviation
  • Military and Civilian Maritime Optical Networks
  • Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Systems


Item TypeClick-Style

Connector TypesLC, SC, ST, FC, ODC, MPO/MTP, E2000

Model Part # Dimensions Weight Connector Types
MTP/MPO Bulkhead & Connector Cleaner (MPO II) AC 083
8.47″ x 1.97″ x 1.18″ (215.14 x 50.04 x 29.97 mm)
2.08 oz (58.97 g)
  • Flat Polished Multimode MPO Ferrules
  • 8° Angled Single Mode MPO Ferrules
1.25mm Bulkhead & Connector Cleaner (H125) AC 089
7.99″ x 1.02″ x 1.02″ (202.95 x 25.91 x 25.91 mm)
1.44 oz (40.82 g)
  • LC Connectors & Adapters
  • ODC Pin & Socket
1.25mm Connector Cleaner (LC) AC 094
7.4″ x 1.02″ x 1.02″ (187.96 x 25.91 x 25.91 mm)
1.44 oz (40.82 g)
  • LC Connectors & Adapters
2.5mm Connector Cleaner (SC) AC 099
7.4″ x 1.02″ x 1.02″ (187.96 x 25.91 x 25.91 mm)
1.44 oz (40.82 g)
  • SC Connectors & Adapters