Quality Products Through Continuous Improvement

Ripley's Continuous Improvement System

Ripley’s commitment to quality stems from its implementation of lean manufacturing principles. The Ripley Continuous Improvement or RCI system allows the company to continually increase its customer satisfaction and financial performance through process optimization across all aspects of the organization. Heightened visibility into Ripley’s everyday operations provides the Quality Department with the tools to identify and rectify any inefficiencies that hinder performance.

The RCI system combines lean manufacturing principles with Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a management framework adopted by many lean manufacturers that collects data from five main areas of operation to improve quality, reduce cost, improve customer loyalty and ultimately affect bottom-line results. Through the adaptation of key quality and efficiency elements in the RCI system, Ripley aims to achieve operational excellence in manufacturing and provide customers with the best products.

Ripley is committed to exceeding customer satisfaction through innovative quality product development, relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, world-class operational excellence, and promotion of employee development and involvement.