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1. Binding Agreement

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3. Ownership

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4. Security

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5. Legal Entity Disclaimer

The terms and descriptions contained in this site are not intended to alter or otherwise affect the independent legal entity status of Ripley and its subsidiary corporations or alter or otherwise affect the ownership and reporting relationship of unincorporated operating divisions. Ripley consists of several subsidiary corporations and unincorporated operating divisions. For example, Ripley Europe Limited, Shanghai Ripley Hardware Tools Co., Ltd., and Ripley ODM LLC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Ripley. The Ripley subsidiaries are separately incorporated legal entities which have legal rights and liabilities independent of Ripley. The subsidiaries also have their own officers and directors, maintain their own books and records and the like, and their management teams are responsible for the daily operation of their respective businesses. Ripley, as the parent corporation, exercises oversight and provides direction and assistance, when necessary, to its subsidiaries consistent with corporate governance legal requirements and accepted practices for parent corporations. As stated, operating divisions are unincorporated companies which are owned by Ripley or its subsidiaries. This site contains terms such as "Ripley," "Ripley Tools," "Company," "Corporate," and "Ripley Brands." Unless otherwise specified, these terms refer to Ripley and its subsidiaries and operating divisions. These terms are used to convey the fact that from an organizational and legal entity perspective, Ripley consists of several subsidiaries and operating divisions. Where practicable, the legal entity names of Ripley's subsidiaries and the relationship of the operating divisions to Ripley or the subsidiaries, are set forth on the appropriate site pages. "Brand" refers to the name which customers associate with the product or products produced by the Ripley and its member companies. Brand names used on this site do not necessarily denote the legal entity status of any Ripley entity.

6. General Disclaimer