2x2 Plus Series

600V Cable Stripper with 2 Cable Bushings

Category: Fixed Cable Strippers
Part No: Refer to Chart

2x2 Plus 2-Bushing 600V Cable End Stripper


  • Double-sided design accommodates two bushings that easily change out with a hex wrench
  • Efficiently & precisely strip 600V secondary cable without damaging the conductor, even in cold climates
  • Compatible square or chamfer cut bushings for stripping 45 mil to 95 mil secondary insulations with concentric, compressed or compacted conductors #6 AWG to 750 kcmil
  • Guarded bushing cutting blades prevent injury

NOTE: The 2x2 Plus is available with or without bushings. Select square or chamfer cut bushings from the bushings tab. Please specify two bushings when ordering the 2x2 Plus.

Bushing Sizes

Compatible Bushings


Conductor TypeConcentric, Compressed, Compacted
Cable CompatibilitySecondary Distribution

Cable AccessEnd
Min. Cable Outer Diameter#6 AWG
Max. Cable Outer Diameter750 kcmil
Max. Voltage600 V
Insulation Thickness45 mils, 60 mils, 80 mils, 95 mils


Max. Bushing Capacity2

Model Part # Item Type Length Weight
2x2 Plus 36101H
  • Tool Body Only
5.75″ (146 mm)
8 oz (227 g)