4th May, 2022

In developing the innovative RocketRibbon™ Extreme Density Cable (1728 fiber count), Corning required a reliable tool to access fiber in mid-span applications with higher repeatability than using a field knife, which has the potential to damage cable and fiber. This is particularly important with cables that handle critical bandwidth needs and represent a much larger investment relative to cables with fewer fibers.

Ripley Labs began working on tool concepts in collaboration with Corning and developed multiple CAD designs for what would become the Miller® MB07 Cable Slitter. Leveraging Ripley Labs in-house computer-controlled flexible manufacturing and machine shop tooling, prototypes were turned around quickly. During the testing and design process, Ripley Labs conducted multiple focus group sessions with Corning engineers for feedback and adapted prototypes for changes in the cable design throughout the product development process. Ripley Labs application engineers also worked closely with Corning to prepare field installation training and documentation, including video training modules when the design was finalized.

The new Miller® MB07-7000 mid-span access tool has been launched and certified for use by Corning for RocketRibbon™ 1728 cable installation in their Standard Recommended Procedure. The high quality MB07 tool is constructed with a rugged aluminum body and enables end or mid-span cable preparation to access subunits and ripcords on 1728 fiber Corning RocketRibbon™ cables with no fiber damage. The design includes a safety shielded precision factory-set highperformance tool steel blade with a unique finger “comfort grip” and brass guide wheel to reduce drag while performing longitudinal cuts. The ergonomic handle is designed to make ring cuts simple and easy.

Ripley Tools has simultaneously developed sales training and stocking programs for over 100 distributors worldwide, many of which are Corning distributors. Ripley Labs will continue product life cycle management with field observations and feedback across installers and technicians for 5G tower and data center interconnect applications to identify tool effectiveness and potential future improvements or additional field training required. The close collaboration has also sparked the creation of the next MB07 series tool that will accommodate RocketRibbon™ 3456 fiber cable.

Corning is one of the largest suppliers of optical fiber, cable and accessories worldwide with a long legacy of new product innovation.

Ripley Tools has full engineering design, prototype testing, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and field application engineering to lead the evolution of cable tools and testing from concept through commercialization. Contact our Engineers today to see how we can help you.