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Compression Tools For Coax Cable Connectors

With spring-loaded split jaw design.

Part No: 38855

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  • Spring-loaded split jaw design allows for easy change out of connectors from most connector manufacturers
  • Durable cast aluminum body with clear visibility of the connector compression operation
  • Simple tool calibration with supplied gauge block
Connector Compatibility Arris-Digicon DS & DT™, Arris-Digicon DS RCA, Arris-Digicon DS RCA MINI, Arris-Digicon DS BNC, Corning Gilbert EFC, Corning Gilbert F-UE, Corning Gilbert F-UE-M, Corning Gilbert UltraRange®, Corning Gilbert RCA-UE, Corning Gilbert RCA-UE-M, Corning Gilbert BNC-UE, Corning Gilbert BNC-UEM, F-Conn FS, F-Conn FSC, F-Conn FSU, F-Conn FS-RCA, F-Conn FSC-BNC, PPC EX320QR
Plunger Tip Fixed / Non-Adjustable
Plunger Tip Color Black
Material Red-Coated Cast Aluminum
Patent Number(s) U.S. Patent Nos.: 5,934,137; 5,647,119 & 6,820,326
Length 7.4″ (157 mm)
Weight 1.1 lb (500 g)