Live Fiber Identifier

Identify the direction of traffic and relative core power easily with the Miller® Live Fiber Identifier.

Part No: LFI120

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The Miller Live Fiber Identifier is the only tool you need to quickly identify the direction of traffic and relative core power without any damage to the fiber itself.


  • Easy push trigger operation for simple, no-fuss use
  • Audible warning for frequency tone with on-screen indicator
  • 3mm, 2mm, 900um, and 250um/200um adapters included
  • Sunshade to protect fiber optic cable from ambient light interference
  • LED battery indicator
  • Strong and durable metal design with carry pouch
Dimensions (without lighthood) 195mm x 30mm x 27mm
Weight (with inserts & carry bag) 0.7lb/317g
Weight (no nylon carry bag) 0.5lb/239g
Replacement inserts AC701 4 inserts for all size fibers
9v replacement battery AC306