TTK 825

5G Wireless Fiber Optic Test Kit

All-in-one solution for you fiber optic testing needs.

Part No: TTK 825

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The TTK 825 kit provides test technicians and contractors with an all-in-one solution to their fiber optic testing needs. With automated testing capability and full wireless control, this kit ensures that fiber optic test results can be gathered quickly and reported using simple, efficient processes.

The included VIS 500 wireless inspection scope features a fully automated inspection process with the click of a button. The scope will automatically focus, center, zoom, analyze, and even save the analyzed image for reporting in a matter of seconds. The RP 560 optical power meter provides users with a simple platform for testing fiber optic cables at all connection points in the network. Capable of displaying and testing 2 wavelengths at once, the RP 560 cuts dB loss testing time in half when used with the DLS 655 laser light source. The power meter automatically detects the wavelength output from the light source and displays the output power/loss for each detected wavelength.

  • Automated image centering and analysis compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 standards
  • Bluetooth OPM with various standard calibrated wavelengths
  • Automatic Wavelength detection for testing 2 wavelengths simultaneously
  • All compatible with the easy-to-use inSpec platform available for free download via Google Play, Apple App store, or our website
  • Instant report creation with user-defined parameters in a number of report formats
  • All included devices and accessories are focused on testing fiber optic cable – from FTTH & FTTA to Data Centers and Wireless Towers

Included items:-

Included Items
RP 560 Optical Power Meter
DLS 655 Dual Laser Source
VIS 500 Fiber Inspection Scope
1.25mm OneClick Cleaner
2.5mm OneClick Cleaner
Hard Carry Case
Singlemode Loopback
SQR Pad & Fiber Wash Liquid
Duplex Fiber Jumper
LC Adapter for OPM
LC Duplex Bulkhead
LC-60 Degree Inspection Adapter
LC Bulkhead Inspection Adapter
SC Bulkhead Inspection Adapter
1.25mm Inspection Adapter
2.5mm Inspection Adapter
USB Data Transfer Cable
Wavelengths 1310 nm, 1550 nm
dB Loss SM
Fiber Compatibility Single Mode
Tool Case Included Yes