VariStrip™ Series End Strip Kits

Revolutionary bushings designed to end strip a range of wires with common conductor sizes

Variable bushings to end strip the insulation off #2 AWG – 750 MCM AWG THHN / XHHW wire

Part No: See table

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  • Patent pending bushing design uses a spring-loaded ramp to accommodate various cable diameters in one size
  • 5 piece bushing kit end strips the insulation from #1-400MCM THHN regardless of conductor material (aluminum or copper) or manufacturer
  • Drill adaptable tool body available with integrated strip stop for controlled and repeatable 0.5” – 3” strip lengths
  • Patented quick change connect collar for efficient and fast change of bushings, even while wearing gloves
  • Color coded for easy size identification
  • Durable aluminum and reinforced polymer construction
  • Rugged and sharp precision cutting blade
  • Increases safety by eliminating the use of traditional knives, reducing the risk of cuts or lacerations
  • Contact Ripley for other sizes not listed. Bushings and tool also available individually
Part #
Part#: US21-7200

US21 THHN / XHHW kit with 5 bushings, drill adaptable tool & carrying case.

Size: 10” x 12” x 3” ( 25 x 30 x 8cm)

Weight: 1.5lb (680g)

Compatibility: #1-400MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7205

Kit of 5 Bushings Only

Size: 9”x3”x3” (22x8x8cm)

Weight: 1lb (454g)

Compatibility: #1-400MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7100

Drill Adaptable Tool Body

Size: 6”x2”x2” (15x5x5cm)

Weight: 0.75lb (340g)

Compatibility: Works with all US21 bushings
Part#: US21-7001 Description: #1-#2 THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7002 Description: 1/0-2/0 THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7003 Description: 3/0-4/0 THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7004 Description: 250-350MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7005 Description: 350-400MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7006 Description: 500MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7007 Description: 600MCM THHN / XHHW
Part#: US21-7008 Description: 750MCM THHN / XHHW
#1-#2 THHN / XHHW
1/0-2/0 THHN / XHHW
3/0-4/0 THHN / XHHW
250-350MCM THHN / XHHW
350-400MCM THHN / XHHW
Compatibility: Individual Variable Bushings for US21-7100 Tool Body