WS 55 Series

Adjustable Tree Wire & Spacer Cable Mid-Span Stripper

Adjustable to accommodate a range of cable sizes and insulation thicknesses.

Part No: 34260

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  • Versatile tool with a fast slide-action adjustment to easily accommodate a variety of cable sizes & insulation thicknesses
  • Operates on all tree wire & spacer cables
  • Easy grip plastic handles are designed for gloved hand operation only
  • Applications include the mid-span & end stripping of aerial cable
Cable Compatibility Tree Wire, Spacer Cables
Cable Access Mid-Span, End
Min. Cable Outer Diameter 0.6″ (15.24 mm)
Max. Cable Outer Diameter 1.625″ (41.25 mm)
Min. Voltage 5 kV
Max. Voltage 25 kV
Insulation Thickness Up to 300 mils
Handles Plastic
Length 16.5″ (419 mm)
Weight 2.6 lb (1.18 kg)
Replacement Blade Part # 34294 (Cutting), 10112 (Ringing)