MA01-7018 Flat Drop Cable Slitter Kit

Slitter & Grip Assist Tool

Comprising our MB04-7000 flat drop cable slitter and CA cable assist tool.

Part No: MA01-7018

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MB04-7000 Flat Drop Cable Slitter

  • The unique articulating hinge allows accurate end AND mid-span stripping without disassembling the tool — simply close the tool over the cable and pull to slit jacket
  • Shielded blades promote safe operation and prevent cuts and lacerations
  • Ergonomic design with convenient opening tabs fits comfortably in hand and requires minimal effort to use
  • Comes with two installed reversible blades plus two additional replacement blades stowed conveniently in the tool
  • Lightweight and durable polymer construction
  • Color-coded for quick and easy identification
  • Replacement blade kit comes with 4 blades

CA Cable Assist Tool

  • Handy rubber cable grip designed to hold 59, 6, 7 & 11 series coaxial cable as well as PVC-jacketed fiber optic cable during the pulling operation & connector insertion
  • Equipped with 2 cable channels: 3 mm to 6 mm & 6mm to 12 mm
  • Stable base is designed for most data/voice modular jacks when punching down wire
  • Construction from flexible, rubberized material to ensure maximum cable & wire gripping action
Cable Compatibility CommScope® Corning Draka/Comteq OFS Prysmian Superior Essex Sterilite Tech™ DROP-LITE
Cable Width 0.305ʺ - 0.350ʺ (7.7 - 8.9 mm)
Cable Length 0.155ʺ - 0.185ʺ (3.9 - 4.7 mm)