FOJST (MB15-7000)

Fiber Optic Jacket Slitter

A compact, one-step fiber jacket or tube slitter for jacketed or loose tube fiber optic cables

Part No: MB15-7000

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  • Compact, one-step tool slits fiber jacket or buffer tubes in two places 180° apart without nicking or damaging the fiber
  • A factory-set & fixed blade cassette features three slitting channels to accommodate three jacket diameters
  • Indicator marks specify the exact location of the blade to ensure the accurate cable length is prepared consistently every time
Dimensions 2.875" x .875" x 2.125" (73.03 x 22.23 x 53.98 mm)
Weight 0.94 oz (26.7 g)
Replacement Slitting Cassettes MB15-7500 (2-piece replacement set)