Large-Size Cable Drill Operated Jacket Removal Tool

Designed to remove outer jackets on medium voltage power cables up to 2.625″ (66.675mm) OD.

Typically #2 AWG 15kv 175 mil through 1000 MCM AWG 35kV 420 mil

Part No: US16-7010

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Introducing the US16 MAX from Ripley®, a larger size tool building on the innovative US16-7000. Designed to remove outer jackets on medium voltage power cable up to 1000 MCM at 35kV with the assistance of a powered speed drill. Engineered with an ergonomic, self-feeding design and micro-indexing blade depth control, the tool provides safe, efficient jacket removal from cables up to 2.625″ in diameter.

  • Jacket is cleanly removed to expose cable shielding
  • Micro indexing blade depth control to protect cable shielding
  • Self-feeding design greatly reduces operator fatigue and strain
  • Simple, safe blade depth adjustment
  • Durable, reliable and built to last
  • Ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort and safety
  • Suitable for cable diameters up to 2.625″ (66.675 mm)

Bushings (sold separately) required to accommodate various insulation & jacket diameters.

Review US16 Bushings page and / or contact customer service for additional information.

Max. Cable Outer Diameter 2.625″ (66.675 mm)
Stripping Application Power-Driven
Handles Ergonomic
Dimensions 13" x 11.5" x 5" (330 mm x 292.1 mm x 127 mm)
Weight 8.5lb (3.9 kg)
Replacement Blade Part # US16-7510