KS-3 Angle-Head Shears

Multi-Purpose Angle-Head Kevlar® Shears

Ergonomic, comfort grip multi-purpose shears to tackle fine fibers & small gauge copper or aluminum wire

Part No: MC01-7100

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  • Ergonomic, comfort grip shears designed to cut through tough Kevlar® strength fibers
  • Designed to avoid pinch points in the grip
  • Micro-serrated stainless steel blades grip fibers, reducing slippage and producing clean cuts every time
  • Cutting pocket designed to cut copper and aluminum up to #4 AWG CU / AL while maintaining blade sharpness for fiber cutting
Length 9.25″ (235 mm)
Weight 4.8 oz (136 g)
Model Part # GTIN Material Handles
KS-3 Shears MC01-7100 Stainless Steel Ergonomic