Ripley extends MB02 cable slitter range with flexible tray options

6th September, 2022

With fiber cable technicians under pressure to work quickly and precisely, Ripley Tools is answering the demand for a more efficient approach by extending its innovative Miller® MB02 cable slitter range to include new flexible, easy-to-use tray options. 

The market-leading MB02 has been designed to speed up full-fiber broadband rollout by making cable access faster, easier and safer for engineers. The multi-purpose precision slitter features a modular tray design for work on various dielectric cables. Trays are color coded and magnetic, making them easily swapped out to accommodate accurate blade depths and cable diameters. 

A range of 19 new tray inserts are now available, providing unrivalled flexibility and compatibility with a wide variety of cable sizes. 

Purchased in sets, the tray inserts cover the following dimensions:

  • Blue series: 5–12mm; 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7mm blade depth
  • Green series: 8–11mm; 1.0mm through 3.0mm blade depth, 0.25mm increment
  • Red series: 11–14mm; 1.0mm through 3.0mm blade depth, 0.25mm increment

Our extended range offers full flexibility, with the chassis and trays available to purchase as a set or individually. This unique approach means cable engineers only need to purchase and carry with them the insert trays they need for the depth of cable they’re working on. Doing this will not only make their work more efficient and precise but, by eliminating the need to keep buying more tools, also help keep costs down.

The market-leading MB02’s unique ability to make precise incisions on two sides of a cable without touching the encased fibers speeds up the cable stripping process and improves quality levels. 

The tool is spring loaded and has steel-armored blades capable of cutting cable jackets up to 20mm in diameter. It is approved for use with two major cable types – AFL Fujikura and Corning MiniXtend fiber cables.

With the Miller® MB02 now even more convenient, quick and precise thanks to the new extended range of trays, it’s easy to see why every fiber optic cable engineer would benefit from having it in their kit. 

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