Ripley Tools unveils updated branding to reflect Ripley’s solutions leadership

24th January, 2024

Since 1936, Ripley Tools has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of equipment, tools and technology for power and communications infrastructure. Our pioneering approach to product design has enabled us to create innovative tools that solve everyday challenges faced by linemen, engineers, technicians and installers.

Starting out focused on photoelectric and vacuum tube controls nearly a century ago, Ripley is no stranger to change. As our customers’ challenges and expectations have evolved, so have the product lines from Ripley and our brands: Cablematic®, Miller®, MultiWave Sensors, ODM®, and UtilityTool®. We know that our customers love these brands – a pair of Millers has been a staple in any fiber technicians’ toolkit for decades and even the biggest tool companies can’t compete with UtilityTool’s range of wire stripping bushings. We’ve noticed a trend in recent years though – linemen carrying Miller fiber strippers, fiber technicians carrying 4×4s or coring tools, and tower installers who need to connect the power, terminate fiber with clean connections and align antennas to exacting standards. Everyone needs the job done faster, safer, and preferably with a custom tool kit to take them from start to finish.

Since joining the Hubbell family in 2022 this need for application-based solutions regardless of brand has only grown. That’s why today we are thrilled to share some exciting news for Ripley – a significant evolution of our brand that promises not only a streamlined experience for our valued customers but also a continuation of both our much-loved products and the high-quality service from our teams that you’ve come to expect.

Ripley Tools has decided to bring together its diverse product offerings previously housed under the separate product brand names of Miller, ODM, Cablematic, UtilityTool and MultiWave Sensors. Going forward, these names will become product lines, unified under the Ripley brand.

Miller, Cablematic, and UtilityTool will transition from brand names to product series under Ripley, while MultiWave Sensors, ODM and any legacy Abeco products will now simply be Ripley products.

This move is driven by the desire to simplify and enhance the customer experience. Instead of navigating through various sub-brands, all our products will now proudly bear the unified Ripley name, making it easier than ever for you to find the tools that solve your challenges.

What will the changes mean for the tools I’ve been buying?

Essentially, nothing. While the names may be changing, everything else about your favorite tools remains unchanged. The products you know and trust are still crafted with the same precision, care and expertise. Our manufacturing process, dedicated team and commitment to excellence all remain steadfast. In fact, this unification offers you a greater opportunity to explore our extensive range of tools – potentially discovering hidden gems that you may not have encountered before from previously different product brands.

In tandem with our brand unification, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new website. This redesign is specifically tailored to make it significantly easier for you to find the tools you need, organized by the job to be done rather than our product sub-brands, as well as introducing our latest tools from all our segments. The simplified interface ensures a seamless browsing experience, helping you locate the right tools effortlessly.

The story so far… and an exciting new chapter

Ripley’s long history reveals a company that’s been able to reinvent itself as times changed and opportunities arose to make a difference for customers. From our founding in 1936, through the acquisitions of UtilityTool Corporation in 1972 and K. Miller Tool Co in 1994, Ripley has always put innovation and a unique understanding of the customer first. Ripley added ODM in 2017 and MultiWave Sensors in 2022 to expand our tool expertise beyond cable preparation and into fiber inspection and antenna alignment, and now as part of Hubbell Ripley is able to support an ever-greater range of installations.

Now, in 2024, as we embark on this transformative journey we are filled with anticipation for the future and the exciting new chapter of each of those brands. 

Craig Tooker, Sr. Business Unit Manager, Ripley Tools, said: “We are really excited to bring all of our tools together under the Ripley name to create the right solutions for our customers. This move is a testament to our commitment to evolving with the needs of fiber techs, linemen and all of our customers, providing them with a more tailored product set so they can tackle the entire job. Ripley’s industry-leading quality and performance will remain the same – and in fact customers will have even more opportunities to find tools that will make their work lives easier, safer and more efficient than ever before.”

How can I contact Ripley if I have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, please reach out to our support team through our Contact us page. 



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