Tools for Towers, Top to Bottom

15th March, 2024

Communication infrastructure is constantly changing, and technicians need their tools to keep pace. From the growth of small cell sites, increasing use of hybrid (copper-fiber) cable and wide variety of installations from cities to suburbs to rural areas, a tower technician needs a tool vendor who can pull from an unmatched breadth of offering and depth of experience to deliver customized solutions for any job site.

Ripley’s products are used all throughout the telecom industry, whether the technician holding a Ripley tool knew the name Ripley or not.

Starting from the top (literally), our Smart Aligners have been providing high-precision azimuth readings on cellular antenna installations around the world for years, with a free app and the ability to load up to 10 site photographs directly into the report providing an ease of use unmatched in the industry.

Our yellow-handled fiber optic strippers are iconic on a telecom job site because they were the original – and still the best – fiber optic strippers on the market. That same spirit is alive and well in our latest Miller Series additions, such as the updated FOJST, the ever-evolving line of MB02 slitting trays and our MB14 Series CAT/TP cable stripper & unwinder, perfect for WISP technicians splitting time between fiber and CAT cables.

Any test & inspect needs are covered by Ripley’s fiber testing & inspection gear, with OTDRs, power meters and inspection scopes to get the job done without cumbersome licensing requirements.

Even with all of the focus on fiber optic installations and the growth of fiber in communication, our coaxial cable preparation tools continue to remain in heavy use for crews continuing to install coax. The JCST-QR Series coaxial coring & stripping tool is a mainstay in tool kits for technicians who have to maintain coax installations.

Finally we know that our tools designed for electric utility cables have a lot of applications on towers and in other telecom infrastructure to help technicians avoid using knives when bringing power to their sites. Ripley’s new VariStrip kits are the perfect tool for grounding and bonding cable preparation, and classics like the ACS+ or RCS114 paired with FO103 and a 4×4 or WS-68 will tackle that hybrid cable faster than ever.

With all of these products under one name it is easy to make a custom kit for any particular tower with everything a contractor may need – and Ripley Labs for any cable or antenna alignment challenges that may come!

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