Ripley breaks the mold with launch of innovative UtilityTool cable jacket stripper US16

1st February, 2022

Cromwell, Connecticut – Ripley Tools, LLC. – With operational efficiency and safety top priorities for cable engineers, Ripley Tools has developed the UtilityTool® US16 drill operated jacket removal device. The first-of-its-kind tool is set to transform the stripping of power utilities cables and is available now.

Expertly designed for use in the energy sector, the UtilityTool® US16 enables engineers to remove outer jackets on medium voltage power cables more easily, safely and efficiently. The innovative tool incorporates a drill and self-feeding design, which makes jacket removal efficient and reduces the physical strain of the task for engineers. The cable is guided through the tool using a bushing and there are a range of bushing sizes available for use on different cable types up to 1.5” in diameter.

To ensure accuracy, the US16 features a micro indexing blade depth control and a simple mechanism for adjusting the blade depth when required, which protects the cable shielding. The tool cleanly removes the jacket to expose the cable shielding, allowing engineers to carry on with the job in hand.

In development of the US16, Ripley Tools worked closely with lineman, Andy Sedlacek, which has given a unique and expert insight into the specific challenges faced in the field and how they can be solved. The original version of the US16 was invented by Andy and Ripley Labs worked with him to further refine the tool and make sure it meets all the needs of energy engineers worldwide. One of the challenges was that existing tools put excessive strain on the wrist and elbow joints, so the US16 prioritises safety and comfort on the job.

Brian Bourgoin, Director of Engineering at Ripley Tools, commented: “The importance of having the right tool for the job should never be underestimated. Tools should not only perform the task in hand but they must offer users the highest levels of safety and comfort. The wrong tool can expose workers to health and safety risks and the potential for long-term impact on the body. The US16 is a great example of how, through close collaboration with industry, a tool can be developed that makes a real difference to an engineer’s working life, improving safety, comfort and helping to get the job done more efficiently. I’m proud of our team for this example of innovation and ingenuity.”

As is to be expected from Ripley Tools, the US16 has been designed with durability in mind, to ensure a long lifetime for the tool and offer reliability for users. And, importantly, it can be customised to suit the requirements of a specific job. For example, the US16 can come with a customised bushing to ensure a precise fit.

The US16 was designed and built at Ripley Labs in the USA. It is available now from Ripley’s partners across the globe.

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