FTTX Flat Drop Prep Kit with Toner Wire

Simplify field connector installation on flat drop fiber with the FTTX Flat Drop Prep Kit with Toner Wire.

Part No: MA03-7042

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Featuring a complete range of tools for rapid, measured jacket stripping, fiber stripping, loose tube scoring, strength member cutting, and both kevlar and fiberglass trimming, the FTTX Flat Drop Prep Kit contains everything a fiber installer needs to strip and prep flat drop fiber-to-the-home cables.

Professional, hard-wearing, and featuring the most trusted, cutting-edge Miller® tools, this kit is essential for any fiber cable technician.

Included items:-

  • MB03-7020 for Toner Wire
  • MB04-7000 for Jacket Stripping
  • FTS for Loose Tube Scoring
  • CFS-3 for Fiber Stripping
  • MA04-7001 Cutter for Strength Members
  • KS2 for Kevlar® & Fiberglass Trimming
Length 10"
Width 4.5"
Depth 3"
Weight 1.65lbs (784g)