Large Format Slitting Tool

Heavier duty slitting tool designed to assist in the removal of outer sheathing and primary insulation on low and medium voltage power cables.

Part No: Refer to Chart

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Introducing Ripley’s US15 PRO MAX Large Format Slitting Tool, capable of performing slit, ring, and spiral cuts on cable diameters from 38 to 80 mm. Equipped with a high-grade steel blade, the versatile tool provides fast, safe, and precise jacket removal from both hard and soft insulated cables without damaging the underlying layers.

  • Equipped with safe, recessed blade to prevent potential injury & blade damage
  • Compatible with various insulated materials such as PE, XLPE, PVC, EPR, silicon rubber, EPDM and TGGT
  • Easily adjust the blade position to perform ring, spiral & longitudinal cuts
  • Quickly adjusts to suit hard & soft insulated cables with 1.50” to 3.15” (38 mm – 80 mm) diameter
  • Blade depth knob adjusts up to 0.216″ (5.5 mm) in increments of 0.002″ (0.05 mm) & features a convenient inch or metric scale for guaranteed precision
  • Replaceable, machined & ground tool steel blade
  • Reinforced diameter adjustment jaw is durable & travels on a threaded rod to provide precise stability between the blade & jacket
Cable Access Mid-Span, End
Min. Cable Outer Diameter 1.50″ (38 mm)
Max. Cable Outer Diameter 3.15” (80 mm)
Jacket Materials PE, XLPE, PVC, EPR, Silicon Rubber, EPDM, TGGT, Sealpic®
Adjustable Blade Depth 0.216″ (5.5 mm)
Material Impact-Resistant Polymer
Handles Ergonomic
Length 5.125″ (130 mm)
Weight 8.82 oz (250 g)
Replacement Blade Part # US15-7501
Cutting Type Radial, Spiral, Longitudinal
US15 PRO MAX Large Slitting Tool (Metric Scale) US15-7110 Metric 0.05 mm
US15 PRO MAX Large Slitting Tool (Inch Scale) US15-7111 Inch 0.002″