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Is Your Toolkit Fit For Fiber Testing?

As an installer, your tools are crucial. Without the right tools, it’s usually impossible to get the job done – let alone get it done right. Nowhere is this more obvious than when testing fiber networks. This complex and delicate technology means installers Read More

Susan Bellomey

Meet the Team: Susan Bellomy, Channel Director, Ripley Tools

Having spent more than 20 years in the business of selling tools – including in sales and distribution positions – self-confessed “people-person” Susan brings a wealth of industry experience and a well honed skill for developing and managing customer relationships to Ripley Tools. Susan joined Ripley as Read More

How network automation helps fiber technicians work smarter

In a world increasingly reliant on a fast, safe and secure telecommunications network, fiber optic technology is in huge demand. Fiber optic internet speeds are up to 20 times faster than standard cable internet and more reliable too, thanks to its ability to handle higher volumes of data Read More

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The Ripley family of tool brands bring the best in cable preparation tools and accessories to the ever-evolving power utilities, fiber optic and cable television industries. As cable technologies advance, choose the tools that will make sure your business is future-fit and ready for anything.